All Estate Home Inspection

Full Home Inspection


  1. Wall
  2. Ceiling
  3. Cabinets
  4. Counter
  5. Doors/windows
  6. Floor
  7. Type of Construction
  8. Attic
  9. Foundation
  10. Trussses
  11. Exterior (Porch, Balcony, Deck, Patio, Exterior Finishes)


  1. Main electrical SVC
  2. Meter
  3. Main electric
  4. Panel & Sub panel
  5. Outlets / GFCI
  6. Ceiling Fans
  7. Electric doors
  8. Pool Pump
  9. Pool light
  10. Door bell
  11. Timer
  12. Water Heater / AC

Roof / Termites

  1. General Conditions
  2. Visible covering
  3. Flashing
  4. Chimneys
  5. Valleys
  6. Parapet Wall
  7. Fascia
  8. Plumbing Vents
  9. Termites (by licensed co)
  10. Wood destroying organism


  1. Tub / Shower
  2. Pressure
  3. Toilets
  4. Sink
  5. Bidet
  6. Faucets
  7. Laundry Sink
  8. Manual drain stopper
  9. Interior & exterior
  10. Plumbing

A/C Appliances

  1. Air handler casing
  2. Interior coil
  3. Filter
  4. Condeser unit
  5. Air in/out
  6. Fan Motor
  7. Heater system
  8. Suction Lines
  9. Thermostat

Additional Services

  1. Mitigation
  2. Mold
  3. Drone inspection
  4. Water test
  5. Lead Paint
  6. JUA (4 points ) insurace
  7. Jacuzzi
  8. Swimming pool/spa
  9. Sprinklers
  10. Insurance

We use drones in our inspections.

Inspectors work with moisture detectors to detect any previous and active leaks

Roof Inspection

The roof is crucial for residential safety. Florida Inspection Services certified inspectors conduct thorough roof inspections, addressing key components. From edges to attic, we ensure your roof’s integrity.

Termites Inspection

A termites inspection involves visually examining accessible areas for wood-destroying insects. Our inspectors thoroughly assess the interior, including sub-spaces, and exterior. With a professional inspection, you gain insights into termite extent, location, and effective solutions.

A/C Inspection

The air conditioning inspection evaluates central and room units cooling and heating functions. It includes monitoring air temperatures, consumer controls, and refrigerant pressures. Ductwork, registers, filters, thermostats, and wall unit components are visually inspected.

Electrical Inspection

During a home inspection, the inspector evaluates main and sub panels, ensuring wire sizes match fuses or breakers. Grounding, branch circuits, and aluminum wiring are checked. Receptacles are tested for safety, and any concerns, including improper wiring, are noted. Installation of ground fault circuit interrupters at exterior receptacles is observed. Safety concerns are documented, and repairs are recommended to be done by a licensed electrician for everyone’s protection.

Structural Inspection

The purpose of this structural inspection is to visually identify evidence of abnormal settlement, lateral movement, or structural weakness in accessible load-bearing components. Conclusions are based on visible and accessible areas. The inspector examines various areas of the structure, including walls, floors, and ceilings, for signs of settlement or cracking.

Appliances Inspection

Residential appliances undergo a comprehensive inspection to assess their overall performance and condition. Each component including doors, drawers, lights, seals, elements, and controls is meticulously checked. Cooling temperatures in refrigeration systems are also evaluated. Additionally, the inspection report includes estimates for repair or replacement costs.
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