Mitigation Inspection


Wind Mitigation Inspection

According to Florida Statute 627.0629, ALL insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials…” for particular construction techniques that help to reduce wind damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and other windstorms related claims.If you have not had a Wind Mitigation Inspection done at your home, you are most likely paying too much for your homeowners insurance policy.

This unique inspection usually takes less than one hour, and as for costs it varies depending on sq ft and location. This has been saving Floridians thousands of dollars in the long run. According to Florida Statutes, insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners “discounts or credits” for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms. These discounts which became effective in 2003, can save you up to 40% on your windstorm insurance and can be obtained by having a mitigation inspection performed on your home.

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