Condo Inspection


Condo Inspection

Simply because buying your dream or luxury condominium is one of the most important things you will ever do. A professional condo inspection can reveal many unforseen issues that you may not have considered on your search for the perfect condo.
That is why choosing the right home inspector for your condo inspection is one of the most crucial decisions and evaluations you can have when buying a condo.
All Estate Condo Inspection Service provides you with a comprehensive report to help give you the information you need on the condition of your condominium. Whether it’s a luxury condominium, a place for you to stay while going to college or an investment we provide you with a full condo inspection report with photos on the same day. With All Estate you will have your condo inspection information right away to help you in your buying decision.Our goal at All Estate Inspections is to provide you with the absolute best condo and luxury condo inspection experience you will ever have, so we treat your time, money, and property as if they were our own.



  • Wall

  • Ceiling

  • Cabinenets

  • Counter

  • Doors/windows

  • Floor

  • Type of Construction

  • Attic

  • Foundation

  • Trussses

  • Exterior ( Porch, Balcony, Deck, Patio, Exterior Finishes)



  • Main electrical SVC

  • Meter

  • Main electric

  • Panel & Sub panel

  • Outlets / GFCI

  • Celing Fans

  • Electric doors

  • Pool Pump

  • Pool light

  • Door bell

  • Timer

  • Water Heater / AC

A/C Appliances


  • Air handler casing

  • Interior coil

  • Filter

  • Condeser unit

  • Air in/out

  • Fan Motor

  • Heater system

  • Suction Lines

  • Thermostat



  • Tub / Shower

  • Pressure

  • Toilets

  • Sink

  • Bidet

  • Faucets

  • Laundry Sink

  • Manual drain stopper

  • Interior & exterior

  • Plumbing

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